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Leading Technology

All Star Services has invested heavily in technology to provide our clients with the freshest product options available in always stocked and well-functioning equipment. All Star brings the convenience of today’s technology to your break room.

Leading Technology

At All Star Services, we implement industry-leading technology to exceed our customers’ expectations and to streamline our service delivery while ensuring product freshness and availability. Some of the ways we utilize technology in our operations include the following:

Multiple Payment Options

  • Cash/Coin
  • Credit/Debit
  • Mobile Pay (Apple Pay/Samsung Pay/Google Wallet/Android Pay)
  • USConnect Rewards Card and USConnect App

Remote Inventory Monitoring

  • Customized Product Selection
  • Freshest Products and Newest Items

Dynamic Scheduling

  • Decreased Carbon Footprint
  • Efficient On-site Service Time

By utilizing multiple payment options, remote inventory monitoring, and dynamic scheduling, we modernize the consumer’s experience.