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USConnect Loyalty & Rewards Program

We're pleased to offer the industry's most innovative loyalty and rewards program and app, USConnectMe, offered in conjunction with USConnect's nationwide cashless payment system. Discover the ultimate in benefits, convenience, and flexibility!

USConnect Loyalty & Rewards Program

Product promotions from All Star Services in MichiganThe USConnectMe Loyalty and Rewards Program gives you access to exclusive promotions on the items you purchase every day. Some of the benefits you will enjoy include the following:

  • special offers and promotions on snacks, beverages, and food in our vending machines and Bistro to Go!™ Markets
  • earn reward points for every dollar spent
  • the convenience of the USConnectMe app, and the opportunity to use your account at any USConnect-enabled points of sale on campus and nationwide
  • the opportunity to preload a balance onto your USConnectMe account (Our cashless payment system accepts debit and credit cards in addition to prepaid USConnectMe cards and payments through our mobile app.)
  • manufacturer promotions
  • 1.5% of USConnect® loyalty sales are donated to your charity of choice
  • the ability to easily keep track of points and available offers online and via our mobile app (Employees can view transaction history and reward point balances, as well as redeeming loyalty points and accessing instant promotions.)

USConnectMe's Loyalty and Rewards Program is a feature-rich program designed to delight and reward employees on a daily basis. Learn more about the USConnectMe Program at  www.usconnectme.com.